About us

About TGL Ukraine

TGL Ukraine Ltd offers inland and outland transportation services. More specifically, our field of expertise includes road and maritime container transportation, as well as air and multimodal transportation in any direction. 

A team of highly qualified, multi-disciplinary specialists, and responsible attitude towards every order and customer allows us to provide exceptional service since 2007. 

Transporting cargo from one point to another may seem like a simple task. However, it can be accomplished in many different ways, using a multitude of algorithms and approaches. Hence, in every case we choose the best approach to provide our customers with unmatched terms when it comes to shipping time, cost, and safety of the goods.

This is how TGL Ukraine Ltd achieves this excellent grade of service:

  • The company examines customer needs and develops an individual logistic solution for every trade deal;
  • The company conducts honest, transparent, open and responsible relations with partners and clients;
  • The company is always ready to engage in a constructive dialogue that will result in satisfaction of both parties and mutually beneficial terms;
  • The company trains employees to accept challenges and keep up with the latest trends in the field of logistics;
  • The company searches for and finds ways to save the client’s budget, regardless of order cost and volume. 

We partner with trustworthy shipping organizations and airlines. Moreover, TGL Ukraine Ltd works with a modern and reliable fleet of container ships, which all meet Euro-4 Eco standards. All of these advantages allow us to cope with tasks of any degree of complexity and successfully transport fragile, delicate, perishable, oversize and groupage shipping loads.

To date, TGL Ukraine offices operate in Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro and Kharkiv. More than 50 skillful, responsible and enthusiastic team members ensure a smooth process of developing logistic schemes and organization of cargo delivery.

Our liability to customers is carried out in cooperation with leading international insurance companies.. Our associated membership in ASMAP Ukraine allows our company to find new approaches and keep the quality of road cargo transportation at the highest possible level.

Are you looking for transparent, productive, and efficient cooperation in cargo transportation? If so, welcome to TGL Ukraine!